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When the time is right, though sooner is better than later, contact me and let’s meet up for a coffee and chat.

You can discover if I am the right fit for your event, and I can get some ideas from you as to how you envisage your wedding and how I might be able to customise your ceremony.

Content, rituals, participants, music and vows can then be created and decided leading up to the special day. And don’t forget to ask about other add-ons.

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Together we can create a fun and memorable way of welcoming your new bundle of joy to the world, or opening your new building, or launching your new  dinghy, canoe, boat or Super Yacht!

So whether it's babies, buildings or boats, why not do something special to last a lifetime? I know I can help.

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It would be my privilege to help you say farewell to that special someone in your life and celebrate the impact they had on your, and those in attendance, life.

The story of them, the memories they left, the joy and smiles they gave can create a heartwarming, joyous but respectful occasion they would be proud of, and be one that will be remembered by all for years to come.

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There is never a bad time to tell that special someone in your life that you want to do it all over again. It could be a special anniversary, or a reunion or a return after a long time apart.

Renewing your vows can make that special occasion a fresh beginning or a strong reminder and commitment to a life well spent together in front of your children, old friends and new. Why not I say!

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Or spice up your event...

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... what's your theme idea?

About me

With nearly 40 years entertainment experience and nearly 30 of that in front of large corporate conferences and events keeping a crowd entertained, focused, enthused or respectful, I believe I can bring these talents to your special occasion.

Small or large, formal or costumed, irreverent or reverential, I can create a custom event to suit your wishes.

Let’s meet and chat about how. I'm Auckland based, but I am more than happy to travel.

Geoff is the best celebrant I have ever used.
– Steve
Geoff is the second best celebrant I have ever used.
– Martha
Geoff officiated over my marriage to my 4 wives, and I couldn't be happier... with the wives.
– Martha

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Feel free to send me an email, below, or phone me (021 471 579). I'd love to chat about how I can make your event memorable.
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